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Some features are chargeable (*)

Main features

  • Lead Management
  • Contact Directory
  • Deal Pipeline
  • Calls & SMS (*)
  • Tasks, Appointments & Calendar
  • ROI Reporting
  • Data Storage (*)

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* Chargeable features: Calls, call recordings, call transcriptions, SMS messages and storage.

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Zapo CRM provides everything needed to manage, nurture and close sales leads in bulk.

Stay organised, manage your leads and turn them into paying customers with our FREE CRM

Core Features

  • Lead Management
    Quickly manage leads individually or in bulk with our lead management tools.
  • Lead Alerts
    Get notified as soon as new leads arrive, helping you close more deals.
  • Contact Directory
    Qualified leads can be added as a contact, helping you focus on those that are more important.
  • Deals
    Attach deals to contacts and view them separately so you can focus on driving sales revenue.
  • Deal Pipeline
    Track all of your deals across a pipeline for visibility.
  • Hubs
    Each contact and deal has its own hub page, storing all information and interactions in one place.
  • Timeline
    View your complete history with a contact or deal on a timeline, helping you pick up where you left off.
  • Task Management
    Set tasks and manage them in a dedicated task list.
  • Appointments
    Block out time for your appointments to stay organised.
  • Calendar
    View your tasks and appointments on the calendar for added visibility.
  • File Uploads
    Upload files to your hub pages to keep everything in one place.
  • Display Options
    Customise what you see in the CRM with display options.

Calls & SMS

  • Make Calls
    Make calls directly in the CRM.
    £0.04 per minute
  • Receive Calls
    Receive calls directly in the CRM.
    £0.02 per minute
  • Send SMS Messages
    Send SMS messages to your contacts.
    £0.05 per minute
  • Receive SMS Messages
    Receive SMS messages from your contacts.
    £0.02 per minute
  • Call Recording
    Record calls with your contacts so you can listen back later.
    £0.01 per minute
  • Call Transcription
    Transcribe calls as they arrive, so you can read each interaction in the CRM.
    £0.08 per minute


  • Lead Reporting
    View all leads that have been generated from Zapo products on a visual graph.
  • Lead Funnel
    See how much you've spent with Zapo, the leads received and resulting revenue.
  • Lead Path
    Analyse the lifetime value of each lead by looking at its entire path from acquisition to the amount of revenue generated.
  • Deal Pipeline
    See where you're losing deals to maximise revenue.
  • Deal Metrics
    Monitor your core metrics, including value, win rate, deal size, volume, sales cycle length, etc.
  • Deal Loss
    Discover why you're losing deals to help win more in future.


  • File Storage
    The space used to store your uploaded files.
    £0.10 per GB per month
  • Call Storage
    The space used to store your call recordings.
    £0.10 per GB per month
  • Data Storage
    The space used to store your leads, contacts, deals, notes, tasks and appointments.
    £0.10 per GB per month

Frequently asked questions


  • Zapo CRM is a free customer relationship management platform. It was built to help small business owners nurture their leads into paying customers.

  • Lead management is the process of nurturing leads into paying customers. The best lead management platforms help users understand which leads they should focus their attention on. Zapo CRM allows users to organise leads by value, helping you close the leads that matter.


  • Zapo CRM is FREE when you choose any Zapo product. There are usage charges for some features, such as calls, sms messages, recordings, transcriptions and storage, but most features are entirely free to use.


  • You can't pay for Zapo CRM separately, our CRM is provided FREE with any Zapo product.

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